Macatawa Dog Training

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Bettering the Bond between pet and pet parent through training and enrichment.


Private Training

Private dog training is a great way for you and your dog to become fluent in a system of communication. We can work on specific issues and correct behavior that may be affecting your dogs potential for success. We will work on your specific needs and the best part is we offer private lessons in your home. Private packages pricing varies based on specific needs and location. For more information please contact us.

Group Classes

Training your dog from the very beginning is a crucial step in achieving a lifetime of positive, balanced and happy behavior. Macatawa Dog Training group Classes are the first step in molding your fur friend into the dog you want for the future.

Group classes are held every month dates and times may vary.

Behavior Modification

If your dog normally well behaved but just started having a strange issues the we are here to help! Ranging from Potty training, barking, jumping, nipping, food aggression and possession aggression, we have helped people and dogs get to the bottom of their issues and helped create a pleasant pet and pet parent experience. These sessions are usually every couple weeks as its harder to break habits!

Board and Train

Our boarding school is a great way to get your dog become the best pet he/she can be. This in-depth program allows our dog trainers to work with your pooch on any ‚Äčspecific issues you might be struggling with. We start by mastering the basics of obedience and work up to more advanced skills from there. In this program your dog will be challenged to focus on listening skills, while being exposed to outside stimuli. After our Board and Train, we teach you how to communicate and interact in a positive way with 1-3 private lessons.

What our customers are saying

Erin is amazing! She has been wonderful suggesting solutions to any training concerns we have. We really appreciate her positive and encouragement.

- Janet Pinkham

Erin is AMAZING! Her energy is calm and positive. She was wonderful with my aussie, who doesn't care for strangers. They were friends by the end of the first session!

-  Jennifer Wassink