Training Options

To sign up for any of the following options please email us at [email protected]

Puppy Training 101 (Puppies 8 weeks+)

Did you just get a new puppy? or maybe you just rescued a dog and you and your family are trying to help make the transition to "pet parent Life" easier! we are here to help with all your new fur baby's needs!

Not only to we talk about proper ways to potty train, but we also talk about communication, mental activities and how to curb attention seeking behaviors (such as Barking, jumping and nipping).

One Hour and up                $90

Private In-Home Training

Private dog training is a great way for you and your dog to become fluent in a system of communication. We can work on specific issues and correct behavior that may be affecting your dogs potential for success. We will work on your specific needs and the best part is we offer private lessons in your home. Private packages pricing varies based on specific needs and location. For more information please contact us


One Hour and up                $90

Group Obedience Classes

Training your dog from the very beginning is a crucial step in achieving a lifetime of positive, balanced and happy behavior. Macatawa Dog Training group Classes are the first step in molding your fur friend into the dog you want for the future.

Group classes are held every month dates and times may vary.

Basic Obedience Class                 $125 

Advanced Obedience Class          $125

Diamond Level class                      $150

Behavior Modification Sessions

Is your dog normally well behaved but just started having a strange issue? We are hear to help! Ranging from Potty training, barking, jumping, nipping, food aggression and possession aggression we have helped people and dogs get to the bottom of their issues and made for a more pleasant pet and pet parent experience.​

Aggression Obedience Lesson  $175

Behavior Modification                    $90 - $150

Potty Training                                   $90

Attentions Seeking Behaviors      $90

Board and Train

Our 10 Day Board and Train is unique in the sense that it doesn't only train your dog on his/her basic commands, but also resets their energy both physically and mentally.

Consistency and time are the key to training. With Macatawa Dog Training's program, your dog will receive constant reinforcement necessary to succeed—and we don't stop there. In addition to the Board and Train program, we drop your dog off at your home and provide a one hour go-home consultation to help you transition your dog's new skill set to the home! Each dog also receives a training collar if needed. At the end of the training, you'll have an obedient, responsive dog that will provide you and your family with a lifetime of companionship.

In this program, your dog will learn the minimum following skills and commands:

Walk politely on leash (pulling, barking, excitable behavior)



Place Command


Waiting for food

Waiting at Thresholds (doors, car, crate, etc.)​

Board and Train Beginner       $1500  

Board and Train Advanced       $1500

Stay and Train

Our Stay and Train option is more custom to your dogs needs! This program is a minimum of five days and you get to choose the commands your dog needs the most help with.

This also includes our unique program that helps reset your dog's pent up energy level, mental stimulation and overall behavior. This program includes a free private in-home lesson to go over the things your dog learned throughout the program.

You can choose from the following commands:

Walk politely on leash (pulling, barking, excitable behavior)



Place Command


Waiting for food

Waiting at Thresholds (doors, car, crate, etc.)


Stay and Train                        $100/day

(Min 5 days and up to 3 commands)