Training Services

Positive Private In-Home Training for you and your dog.

Full Private In-Home Training

My training consists of positive in-home dog obedience training. Each session lasts about 1 hour, sometimes a bit longer. I have a program for dogs of all ages that involves five sessions. These cover puppy training, attention seeking behaviors (jumping, barking, nipping, etc.), potty training, enrichment, sit/stay, down/stay, watch me, leave it, drop it, place, door greet, walking, and recall. At the conclusion of all five sessions, your dog will receive a certificate of obedience! The training is advance "at your own pace" method. For most dogs, it is generally 1-2 weeks in between each session, but this can fluctuate

I also work with aggression issues, but the dog must have an evaluation by me before starting training. The evaluation will include my assessment of the dog and coming up with a training plan for both the dog and the family.

Individual Sessions

I offer individual sessions for people who are only interested in one or two trainings instead of the series of five. My individual trainings cover a multitude of issues that may concern you about your dog's behavior. These sessions are tailored to each individual situation and may require more than one session to fix the adverse behavior.

Puppys 101

For dogs 6-16 weeks old, we have a special puppy lesson. We go over potty training, communication, mental stimulation, and exercise. We like to be able to set you and your puppy up for success for their lifetime and that is best started in that 6-16 week range.  

Behavior Modification

Is your dog normally well behaved but just started having a strange issue? We are here to help! Ranging from Potty training, barking, jumping, nipping, food aggression and possession aggression we have helped people and dogs get to the bottom of their issues and made for a more pleasant pet and pet parent experience. These sessions are usually every couple weeks as its harder to break habits!


Cancellation Policy

Private Trainings

Our cancellation policy for private trainings is as follows: For canceling within 24hours of your scheduled appointment there will be a $40 free for one dog, and $75 for two dogs, applied. No shows will be charged the full amount of the appointment.

Group Classes

For group classes unfortunately there will be no making up of a missed session as well as no refund after the class has started.

Board and Train

Are cancellation policy for board and train is as follows: after scheduling if the client needs to cancel a 70% fee will be applied to cover the reserve boarding position and the reserved trainers time. If the cancellation is within 48 hours there will be no refund.

Critter Sitters

Are cancellation policy for Critter Sitters is as follows: after scheduling if the client needs to cancel within 72 hours there will be no refund.